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Professional Painters – Richardson, TX

Start Your Home Transformation Journey with Us!

Preparing Your Interior

Woman taking art work off the wall

  • Collect any valuable and precious items and store them in a safe place.
  • Remove décor and art from the walls so they don’t accidentally get misplaced.
  • Secure your pets in another area of the house throughout the project.
  • If you have any child-proof or pet-proof gates, please remove them so we can easily move throughout the house.
  • If we’ll be painting inside a closet, we ask that you remove everything from it.

How We Will Prepare the Interior

Team members placing tape before painting

  • We’ll remove all furniture and drapery out of the rooms we’ll be painting.
  • We’ll place fresh, protective plastic over the floor each day we work.
  • We’ll remove all switches and outlet plates.
  • If we need to make any repairs in the home (like sanding, replacing sheetrock, etc.), we’ll include prices for those in our initial estimate.
  • We can provide texturing upon request.
  • We’ll repair any holes or cracks to ensure flawless results.
  • We’ll re-caulk any cracks along ceiling crowns, doorjambs, and baseboards.
  • Any wood surface will be cleaned, scuffed, and sanded.
  • If you have any existing wallpaper, we’ll remove it.
  • After the job is complete, we’ll place anything we moved back in the area that we got it from, including drapery, furniture, outlet plates, etc., once we’ve cleaned.

Preparing Your Exterior

Clean and prepared home before exterior painting

  • Please turn off the sprinklers for the duration of the project to avoid paint watermarks.
  • Please remove any wall hanging, plants, or other valuable items outside.
  • Secure your pets away from the workspace and please clean up after them.

How We Will Prepare the Exterior

Person powerwashing siding before exterior painting

  • We’ll wash any areas of the home that require gentle treatment by hand and power wash all other surfaces to remove dirt and debris.
  • We’ll scrape away any loose paint.
  • We’ll prime any new or bare wooden surfaces so the paint properly adheres to them
  • We’ll caulk all windows, entrances, and major wood joints.