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Wallpaper Removal – Richardson, TX

Say Goodbye to Outdated Wallpaper

What Should You Think About When Removing Wallpaper?

Peeling wallpaper

While removing wallpaper may seem like a simple DIY project that you can take on by yourself, it’s actually rather tedious. Our team at Platinum Painting will make sure to do it right the first time around, providing you with the best results and making sure that no collateral damage to your walls occurs. We make sure to consider every factor before planning a project, including the following:

  • How long has the wallpaper been on the wall? The age of the wallpaper can impact the adhesive and how much wear it has endured.
  • Before the wallpaper was applied, was the wall properly primed and sealed? Without being primed and sealed, the paper won’t likely come off easily or cleanly.
  • What kind of wallpaper is it? Depending on whether your wallpaper is made of fabric or vinyl coating, we may need to adjust our method of removing it.

No matter what type of wallpaper you have or how long it has been on your walls, we use steamers, safe solvents, and a variety of other professional materials to provide ideal results.

The Benefits of Wallpaper Removal

Freshly painted home after wallpaper removal

Outdated wallpaper can make your home feel older and more worn-down than it actually is. By removing the wallpaper and replacing it with a fresh coat of paint, you can create an updated, blank canvas for you to inject your own personality into.

The older a wallpaper is, the more likely you’ll notice that it’s starting to peel away from the wall or develop bubbles underneath it. These can also make your home seem unkempt and dirty. If it’s in a kitchen, you may even notice that the wallpaper has developed a yellow tint from soaking up steam, splattered grease, and other food messes over the years. By removing it, you can freshen up the area.

Wallpaper Removal Steps

Team member removing wallpaper

When we remove wallpaper, we separate the project into four basic steps:

  • Break Down the Adhesive – We’ll apply a non-toxic solvent to weaken the adhesive behind the wallpaper so it peels away more easily.
  • Remove the Wallpaper – We’ll gently remove the wallpaper from the walls, being sure to avoid damaging them.
  • Clean the Walls – We’ll wash any remaining residue from the walls and fix any imperfections to make the surface smooth. If you’d like to have a fresh coat of paint placed onto the walls, we can also do that!
  • Final Inspection – Finally, you’ll inspect the results to make sure they meet your standards.